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Team Placement / Tryout Process

General Information:

  • Announcement of tryout dates will be sent each year to eligible returning student-athletes and will be posted on the FCBA website. Any student-athlete meeting the age requirements is eligible to tryout.
  • Each parent or guardian shall complete and sign a tryout registration form that includes a medical waiver for the FCBA.
  • A committee of coaches will evaluate all student-athletes in an effort to ensure all individuals are placed on the proper team.
  • Evaluation sheets shall be turned in to the FCBA Director at the end of each tryout session for review. A team for each age group shall be comprised of the top student-athletes as evaluated by the committee of coaches, with coaches making final decisions. For multiple teams, see below.
  • All student-athletes trying out for an age group must attend a minimum of two tryout dates for their appropriate age group team. (See attached Age Matrix). Each age group will hold tryouts at an assigned gym with all student-athletes trying out together.
  • Tryouts will be conducted in a professional manner. Each participant will be given an equal opportunity. Coaches and evaluators will encourage each participating student-athlete.
  • Offer to student-athletes may be extended via phone or in person but must be followed up in writing. This communication may be done electronically. All student-athletes who will be offered a position on a FCBA team shall be informed within 48 hours of the final try-out session. Student-athletes are required to accept or decline an offer in writing within 24 hours or the offer will expire.
  • No student-athlete will be denied a roster spot as long as there is a minimum of eight players to comprise a team. (See details under Multiple Teams.)

Multiple Teams in Single Age Group:

Multiple competitive FCBA teams will be formed in a single age group when the following criteria are met:
  • The decision to form multiple teams in an age group will be made by the FCBA Directors after the second tryout date. This will be determined after review of the evaluations made by the particular age group evaluation team. All teams will have a minimum of 8 and maximum of 10 players
  • When multiple teams are formed, they will be formed on a "select" and/or "developmental" team concept.
  • Every effort will be made by the FCBA staff and coaches to create an atmosphere that fosters close and friendly relationships between the teams in a same age group, encouraging the teams to help each other improve and develop. These efforts may include scheduling practices at the same day and time so the student-athletes can interact. Coaches shall try to attend each other's games when possible and offer coaching suggestions when asked. The coaches shall act together to help develop all the student-athletes to the best of their ability.

Multiple Team Selection:
  • The select team shall have first choice of all student-athletes trying out for that age group. The select team shall be formed with the highest rated student-athletes. The developmental team(s) will then be selected from the next highest rated student-athletes.
  • In the case of multiple teams in an age group, coaches for the select team must contact the student-athletes they have selected within 24 hours of the last scheduled tryout session. Only student-athletes that are to be offered a position on the select team may be contacted by the select team coach.
  • The developmental coaches will begin to contact student-athletes within 24 hours of after the select team has been chosen. All selected student-athletes should be contacted within 48 hours after the last scheduled tryout session.

Playing-Up Policies:
  • All student-athletes wishing to "play-up" an age group are required to try out one day in their appropriate age group and two days in the older age group.
  • Both coaches and a Coach Coordinator must agree that the student-athlete should be allowed to move up.
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